Enter The Self Appointed Pixel Monkey

Making an app is a lot like building a car.  There are a lot of cool things that make a car function.  For example, the hydrophonic pistons that control steeri—okay, wait, I don’t know anything about cars…  How about this: making apps is a lot like constructing a home.  You take the big metal thingy and hit the smaller metal thingies into the wood parts—

Clearly, these analogies don’t work for me.  I’m not a car guy or a handyman.

The same goes for people perceiving how an app is built.  Not everyone can understand the intricacies of building a car or a home.  People can relate to a beautifully designed car interior or a wonderfully decorated home, but how did it go from metal, nuts, bolts and nails to eye candy?  The answer is beautifully well-thought-out design.

We decided to expand by adding the position of Creative Director.  Our own personal Don Draper inspired visionary: Master of the Inventive, Dreamer of the Imaginative, Visionary of the Fantastic!

Enter the self-appointed Pixel Monkey, Corbie Summers.

Why Pixel Monkey?  Simple: he prefers to be compensated with crates full of bananas.  (We try not to judge the creative; after all, Van Gogh cut off his own ear.  Who are we to judge the methods of a creative genius?)

As Pixel Primate—er, Monkey—Corbie will be responsible for taking our 1’s and 0’s and making them all pretty and usable for you.  After all, everyone likes gazing at classy car consoles and admiring marble countertops. With Corbie’s app designs, it’ll kind of be like that.

Read More about Corbie on our About page.


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